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What is Naturally HUGE?

naturally huge

Men have a fixation with having a bigger, harder penis.  I suppose it’s like women and breast size.  But if that’s what it takes for our men to have self-confidence, then I say male enhancement pills are cheaper than implants (although if you’re getting yours guys, we should also get ours!)

I was a bit apprehensive about reviewing this product based on the title…and HOLY COW!  If you want to go into cardiac arrest, you may want to visit the official website. And that’s all I’m going to say about that…

Naturally Huge is a male enhancement pill made from all natural ingredients to stimulate growth (up to 30%) and increase stamina and sexual desire.  Apparently you’ll notice growth–both in girth and length!

(Personally I don’t buy the whole length claim.  It’s not like your penis is Pinocchio’s nose for heaven’s sakes!)

Anyway, here are the claims:

Remember guys–if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.   Claims are always inflated (pardon the pun) and manufacturers will do anything to get your money–even play on your longing to be hung like a porn star.

Still, there may be something to Naturally HUGE.  Let’s look at the ingredients.

What’s in Naturally HUGE?

The ingredients in Naturally HUGE are delivered in an 1,877 mg proprietary blend.  I am not a fan of blends because they hide ineffective dosages of the effective ingredients (usually in too much of the cheap ones.)  But 1,877 is a “large” (ahem) dose.

The primary material in Naturally HUGE is “VASODEX” which uses Citruline and Arginine–natural nitric oxide enhancers (or NO boosters) to widen arteries.  Body builders are familiar with NO boosters.  And their muscles are hard and developed–and look like they’re about to burst.  Widened arteries increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles which increases size.  

It’s safe to say that these ingredients can have the same effect on a small penis.  And they’re safe and natural.

Also included in Naturally Huge are maca root, tribulus terrestris (to raise testosterone levels) and long jack–all male enhancement herbs thought to enlarge the penis and increase sexual pleasure.

As I stated before, I cannot see Naturally HUGE increasing the length of your penis–but with the use of Vasodex I can see it increasing blood and oxygen flow–which will make your penis harder and fuller.

Naturally HUGE Side Effects

Naturally HUGE is all-natural and side effect free.



Naturally HUGE Conclusion

Look–if you can see through the hype and treat Naturally HUGE as a product that increases blood flow, circulation and volume, then you won’t be disappointed.  If you’re looking for something to turn you into King Kong, you’ll be a sad (little) puppy.

With a money-back guarantee, this may be a product you want to try if you don’t suffer from a serious health condition like erectile dysfunction, and you’re simply looking for something to “improve thy love life.”

Good luck fellas!

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    Does fat free milk work the same as plain water for my daily water intake ?

    By rapid fat loss diet
    Posted on June 2, 2012 at 7:31 am
  2. Comment

    will this work for men over 75 years old?

    By roderick king
    Posted on October 19, 2012 at 2:46 am
  3. Comment

    I have read through the information about the Naturally Hugh. One of the ingrediates they use is Yohimbe. How much od it is used? Can people with high bllod pressure use this product? Yohimbe supposedly, has some effect on people with blood pressure. Can somebody who knows about my question please send me a response.
    Sal Giovanni.

    By Salvatore Giovanni
    Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:46 am

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