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What is Revive TCM?

revive-imageYour sex life isn’t what it once was. As you have gotten older you’ve probably lost the energy, and maybe even the desire, to have a satisfying sex life.

So what can you do to feel like you are once again in your sexual prime? Revive TCM may be able to help.

Revive TCM uses an all natural formula to “revive” your sex life. Revive TCM promises that with them on your side, you can enjoy more youthful energy and a higher libido.

Revive TCM also claims that besides balancing your hormones and helping your testosterone levels spike, their formula can even help you lose weight.

Will Revive TCM truly perform? Let’s find out a little more.

What’s in Revive TCM

Revive TCM uses a traditional, and ancient, approach to help revive your sex life. Traditional? In China that is. The ingredients in Revive TCM are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These ingredients have been used for centuries to help balance body and mind, so that you can enjoy a more satisfying sex life:

• Bombyx Mori L- male silk worm extract. Contains protiens and hormones to support reproductive health, kidney function, and the growth and development of sperm.
• Ginger Root- antioxidant, helps your body get rid of toxins and waste.
• Oyster- contains calcium, which may help prevent certain cancers. Also said to balance “male essence”
• Wolfberry Fruit- improves circulation so that you can achieve a stronger erection.
• Eleuthero- increases energy and stamina, supports your immune system, and helps relieve stress.

Revive TCM claims that the effects of these ingredients will continue building the more you take them. Revive TCM promises that soon you should notice more youthful energy, stamina, and healthy testosterone levels.

The ingredients used in Revive TCM certainly sound good, and they have been used for centuries to help men dealing with low libido, erectile dysfunction, and low energy.

But, the makers of Revive TCM don’t tell us how much of each ingredient is used. They also fail to provide any research or clinical studies on Revive TCM.

Revive TCM Side Effects

Revive TCM contains only natural ingredients, so you shouldn’t experience any unwanted side effects.

Revive TCM Advantages

• 100% all natural ingredients
• TCM ingredients used for centuries
• No side effects
• 30 day money back guarantee

Revive TCM Disadvantages

• No research info available
• No customer reviews (except on the official site)
• Unknown ingredient amounts
• Expensive. A 50-count bottle is $89.95

Revive TCM Conclusion

If you want a safe, all natural alternative to prescriptions, Revive TCM may be for you.

There are a couple downsides of Revive TCM though. Revive TCM is a little pricy ($89.95 for 50 pills), and there is no clinical research on Revive TCM for us to see.

Fortunately Revive TCM offers a money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the results (hopefully better sex!) that you get with Revive TCM you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

But, since Revive TCM’s results supposedly build up over time, I wonder if 30 days is actually long enough.

What do you think of Revive TCM?

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    Revive WORKS BIG Time!

    By David
    Posted on July 12, 2012 at 3:12 pm

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